Child Support and Spousal Support

Child Support
and Spousal Support

Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys provide expert guidance in all support cases, including establishment and modification of support orders. Trust us to navigate the complexities of California's support laws.

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At Happ Law Group P.C., our Family Law Attorneys possess extensive knowledge of California child support and spousal support laws. Whether you seek to maximize the amount of support you receive or minimize your support obligations, we are here to assist you.

We understand that child and spousal support is crucial to provide financial security for your children and/or yourself. Our experienced family law attorneys will guide you through the process, ensuring your rights are protected, and your financial responsibilities are fairly determined. We handle all aspects of child and spousal support cases, including establishing or modifying support orders and imputing income to an unemployed or underemployed individual.

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How Our San Diego Child Support and Spousal Support Lawyers Can Help You


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Provide a comprehensive understanding of child support and spousal support laws in California.


Assist in the establishment or modification of child support orders based on the factors considered in the California Child Support Guideline formula.


Advocate for your rights and interests in determining child support, considering factors such as income, timeshare with the children, tax filing status, and various deductions.


Handle the allocation of child-related expenses, including child care, uninsured medical/dental, educational, and visitation travel costs. Our team of San Diego child support lawyers will ensure a fair distribution of these expenses.


Guide you through the process of temporary spousal support, maintaining the financial "status quo" during the divorce case. Our knowledgeable spousal support attorneys will protect your financial well-being.


Evaluate the need for long-term spousal support, considering the Family Code §4320 factors.


Ensure Support is Fair

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