Military Members Involved in Divorce

Military Members Involved in Divorce, Custody, or Support Proceedings

Protecting the Rights of Military Members or their Spouses in Family Law Cases with the Help of our Experienced Military Divorce Lawyers in San Diego

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At Happ Law Group P.C., we specialize in providing comprehensive legal assistance to military members or their spouses facing divorce, child custody, or support proceedings. Our experienced military divorce lawyers in San Diego understand the unique challenges that arise in these cases and are dedicated to ensuring that the rights of military families are protected.

Whether you are an officer, enlistee, or military spouse, our San Diego military divorce lawyers have the expertise and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of military-related family law issues. We recognize that the nature of military service can significantly impact legal proceedings, and we are here to guide you through the process while safeguarding your rights.

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How Our San Diego Military Divorce Lawyers Can Help You:

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Provide expert guidance and representation in divorce, child custody, and support cases involving military personnel or their spouses/significant other.


Ensure your military or spouse's rights are protected throughout the legal process with the expertise of our San Diego military divorce lawyers.


Help you understand and navigate the unique challenges and regulations that apply to military-related family law matters.


Assist in obtaining a stay of proceedings if you are an active-duty military member, ensuring your defense is not compromised with the support of our knowledgeable team.


Advocate for your interests in child custody and visitation matters, considering the impact of military service on parenting plans.


Guide you through the complexities of child and spousal support, considering factors such as military income and deployments, with the expertise of our San Diego military divorce lawyers


Protect your rights and interests in property division, including characterizing military retired pay and other military benefits.


Provide personalized advice and representation tailored to your specific circumstances through the expertise of our San Diego military divorce lawyers.


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