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We are here to assist you in anyway we can

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important information about hiring a San Diego Divorce Attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist.

The following are some frequently asked questions related to consulting, hiring and being represented by a Certified Family Law Specialist for a divorce, child custody or other family law proceeding:

What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

The State of California has set rigorous standards for knowledge and experience before an attorney can be deemed a “Certified Family Law Specialist.” An attorney is able to refer to himself as a Certified Family Law Specialist because he has demonstrated to the State of California Board of Legal Specialization that he has an advanced understanding of family law and the significant experience in divorce, child custody and other family law proceedings. As a result, by hiring a Certified Family Law Specialist, you ensure that you are retaining the services of an expert in family law, not an attorney who may simply dabble in the area.

Do I need a Certified Family Law Specialist?

How much will it cost to have a family law lawyer represent me?

Is there anything I can do to control the cost of my divorce?

My spouse and I have come to an agreement on all issues, do I still need a family law lawyer?

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